Single vs. In-Relationship, What is Better for Your Spiritual Growth?

Romantic relationships are the most rewarding and difficult of all. Some people got frustrated so much with being in relationships that they’re asking the question if it’s better and easier to be alone.

In the end, it’s always your choice, but I hope you will find the following information helpful when making a decision.


Relationships challenge us to become better


Most of the time we’re unhappy in the relationship because we have negative programs, concepts and fears in us preventing us from being happy. We are relying too much on another person in bringing comfort and peace to us. Instead, we can accept that how we feel is in our own hands and we can’t blame anybody.


If you feel that person you are with constantly triggering bad emotions in you; it means that those emotions are already there and your significant other is kindly helping you to bring them to the surface so you can see them and release them, helping you to become a better you.

Relationships are helping to release bad Karma


I mentioned it before that strong romantic love is the great indicator that we’re in a Karmic relationship with a person. As if there was no love, we would leave that person or even would be with that person at all. This would prevent us from going through our most important lessons, which would allow resolving Karma accumulated in past lives.


However, there are situations when we’re better to be alone. What brings us to the next point.


Relationships are hiding place from loneliness


If you have a fear of being alone, you most likely jumping in a new relationship too fast, resulting in constantly getting with the wrong person, that you would most likely leave after some time.


In such situations, it’s indeed better to learn to be happy alone before trying again.


You can outgrow your relationships


While it’s true that you can outgrow your relationships, It’s better to be careful about making such decisions. Analyze your feelings, if you have any negative emotions toward your partner, it means there are still things to learn. It doesn’t mean that you can’t leave and have a better life with a new person. But those little lessons will inevitably find you again.

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