One Serious Mistake Most People Do When They Follow Spiritual Path and How to Avoid it

When we develop spiritually at a certain moment we reach the point of thinking that we know more than others. We want to start to teach everybody about the right way and begin judging others for not awakening, not being tuned into the Universe, not being proactive enough, learning eagerly from our wisdom, etc.


But we need to understand that it’s a big step back for us as it’s not a wisdom talking in us but our ego. We try to teach others not because we care about them but because we want that everything and everybody aligns with “our way”.


Here are five things you can remind yourself if you want to be more humble and detached from ego.


1. “I know only that I know nothing”

Remind yourself of the quote of Socrates sometimes called Socratic paradox “I know only that I know nothing”. How many times you had situations when you were 100% sure that your opinion is right only to find out later that it was not.


I’m usually basing my opinion on facts and if I don’t know facts or I do remember them precisely I will honestly admit that I can’t provide factual evidence to support my opinion. And I will not argue, as I see arguing energy-expensive and useless. But it doesn’t change the situation that inside of my head I believe that I’m right. Until one day I’ll find out that I was wrong or not totally right as there is a deeper understanding of the situation.


That brings us to two another concepts.


2. There are levels of the truth

First one is that there are levels of understanding the truth. It’s could be the same truth but your perception of it could be different and the conclusion that you draw from it could be different and how you apply it to your life could be different. One simple example could be that you believe that Earth is round and somebody could tell you that you are wrong as it’s an oblate ellipsoid. But in reality, both are true it just depends how deep you want to go into the topic. Another more complicated example could be ahimsa or non-harming, which has numerous levels of understanding and nuances. Should you eat meat or starve if there are no other options? Should you hurt the person who’s hurting your child or in self-protection? Should you kill pests in your home or garden?


From my perspective, there is no one right answer to this questions. What brings us to the understanding that everybody follows their own unique paths. We need to honor their paths and try to be free from judgment.


3. We all live in subjective realities

The second one is that we all leave in our subjective realities. And as the creatures with a divine spark, we can influence on and change the reality around us. This principle is more applicable to the metaphysical subjects. As the physical matter is too heavy to be changed by most of the people. The same true for the laws of Physics. However, a metaphysical plane is much lighter thus much more susceptible to adjust to our perception. For that reason, it’s said that you need to find people and teachings that resonate with you and pass by others. Just try not to judge people that like what you don’t like. You never know maybe in 10 years you will be all into the teachings you dispised first.


4. Everyone is your teacher

No matter how deep you went, how much you developed, always stay humble and see yourself as a student rather than a teacher. Even if others are calling you a teacher and listen to the wisdom you eager to offer, still consider yourself a student, that continues to learn from other students.


5. Reflect on yourself

The first step in conquering any trait or habit in you is to start to observe and notice it first. How can you control something that you even can’t detect? Begin by acknowledging whether the actions you’re doing, thoughts you having and words you’re speaking are humble, compassionate and self-less or they have a tint of your ego.


Try to adjust your behavior and be more thoughtful next time. But also don’t get stuck in self-blame for not being able to control your ego. Forgive yourself with a promise to be better and to try harder next time.


I hope that you found these thoughts helpful. Share if you have anything to add about how to keep your ego at bay.

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