Does Destiny Exist and How Much Control We Have Over Our Life?

Earlier in life, I believed that people who say that everything is destined are just lazy and don’t want to take responsibility for what is happening in their lives. That we are in control and can get whatever we want.


But events of the recent years helped me to shift into the deeper understanding of fate and how much control we have over our lives.


I still believe that God gave us free will and we are welcome to make our own decisions that can influence the outcome of any particular situation. But I also understood that we live under the Universal laws which limit our ability to change the outcome.


We come to a physical plane with certain tasks which were set by our higher self, with a certain mission to complete, with certain lessons to learn. For this reason even before you are born, the brief plan of key events of what should happen already exists. The law of Karma is adding its details to the plan bringing people together to resolve any Karmic tensions. And then, on the top of everything, you have a law of attraction helping you to manifest things you desire in your life. However, the same law helping others too and sometimes what they want can push further from us what we want.


Besides mentioned above factors, other things like our beliefs, vows, made in this life, and previous incarnations by our ancestors and us, curses, parasitic energetic entities, and astrological “weather” all can influence the end result of every particular situation.


Therefore we’re constantly wrestling in this ocean of different laws and energies trying to make the best of our life. And whether we get it or not could sometimes be out of our control. For that reason, we should find the balance between proactively manifesting things in our lives in one situation and accepting things as they are in another.


However, if you truly want something, never give up, stay faithful to your dreams. As accepting the failure of one attempt is not the same as giving up on the whole goal.


If you can add any other laws that can influence your life, please, share below.

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