The story of my path

Hi, my name is Julia, I’m here for you, to share with you everything that helps me to think, to improve, to feel more love for the world and better connection to the divine source.


I’m simply starting this page because I have the urge to share what is really important to me and I can’t stay silent anymore. As even if one person, even just for a moment, smile and feel the love in the heart, then my efforts were fruitful.


I think my story starts when I was around 13, from the moment that is still very vivid in my memory. The moment when I got “I am” realization, it happened like a flash. It’s really hard to describe that feeling, but it’s like I fully realized that I have this body and I live in this material world here and know.


From a young age, I liked to observe and think a lot. To observe how people behave, reasons for their actions and categorizing everything in my mind, to observe nature and life in general. I always felt like I want to know the world, how and by what laws it functions, constantly adding piece by piece to the puzzle of the world.


I chose Biology as the path of my higher education simply because I wanted to understand this world better. With later going deeper into Plant Biology as I always felt more connection to plants than any other live objects (not including humans, I love a lot of people and constantly expanding my circle of love).


My Plant Biology path brought me from Ukraine, where I was born, to Canada, where I worked in plant research and finished my Master’s. In Canada I tried yoga for the first time, diving into it very intensively, practicing 4-5 times per week and effects on my body on my attitude toward myself and my life were amazing.


I was 90% focused on the yoga asana, the physical part of yoga practice, with some curiosity toward the spiritual part, but not enough to start to search for sources of information.


I got married, moved to the USA, had two kids and shifted completely into the mom and housewife role, still continuing to practice yoga and mastering my knowledge of yoga poses and accumulating information on other aspects of yoga along the way.


And everything was good and quiet in my life until I met the person, who just touched my life and left. But that touch was enough to awaken my soul. Another flash moment in my life… But this time I felt “I am not” I am not alone I am one with the God.


Now I have a clear goal in my life to experience that I-am-oneness again and to help other people on the path to that feeling. I realized my life purpose to serve as a spiritual guide to others. And I will go in that direction no matter what. It could be in teeny-tiny steps while I’m managing a full-time job and a mom-of-two job, but I am on the path.


Completing yoga teacher training with “House of yoga” and starting teaching, that my steps. And there will be many more in my life.


With love and light,


P.S. And why it’s called Sea Lotus, it’s a completely different story and I may tell you another time…

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